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Index of the Bulletin WEAPONS AGAINST WARS.

We send you the English index of our weekly "Weapons Against Wars" electronic Bulletin, in Spanish, full of information about what the media of disinformation don't tell us. It is specially centered on the disinformation concerning radioactive contamination. The texts are in Spanish, the second mother tongue in number of people in the world: 358 million of people. And don't you think that the first is English! It is Chinese, with 885 million of people, while English has only 322 million (Monde diplomatique atlas 2004 pg 15). So, please, spread this, there is a lot of Hispanics in the US Army¼

In our website, you can also find:

- In the CIAR section there are complete articles about radioactive contamination, also published in our Spanish magazine.

- In the Pictures section you can find hundreds of photographs on the medical consequences of the radioactive contamination. The 1 pictures given to us by the Iraqi doctors in October 2003 have the footnotes in English. See link in bulletin number. You can download them in zip-ed PowerPoint format (as was given to us by the Iraqi doctors).

If you don't have the program to uncompress the file, CLICK HERE to download the program. You can download the picture file CLICKING HERE (1) and (2), (it has a size of 50 Mb and takes some time in downloading).

- In the Contacts section you can find hundreds of international contacts. please update yours and others.

Facing the new radioactive war in Iraq that poses a serious crime against all the inhabitants of the planet and its future generations, the AMC has decided to make an effort to publish, at least once a week, the 'contrainformation' bulletin "Armas Contra la Guerra" ('Weapons Against War').

This publication is made by a group of volunteers named CIAR, "Colectivo de Investigación sobre las Armas Radiactivas", whose aim is the prohibition of all types of radioactive weapons, including the ammunition wrongly called Depleted Uranium. The bulletins can be found in the section of 'Medicina Medioambiental' of the journal "Medicina Holística", edited by AMC.

Previous numbers of "Armas Contra la Guerra" published in 2003 are available in our website: get into CIAR´s site through the head of this page. Here we summarize the contents of each of the bulletins:

(But at the end of each bulletin we offer the references and links of the original articles which are mainly in english).


This section is no longer being updated.


Spanish is the second language in the world...

...and the first one is Chinese, not english.

Besides the places where english is the official language, in the USA a growing part of the population speaks spanish.

You should learn it.


But if someone like to voluntarily translate our indexes to english, your feedback is welcome and we will publish it.
Much more if any one want to translate them into Chinese!


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